4 Important Features of Facebook’s New Business Suite

4 Important Features of Facebook’s New Business Suite

Trapica Content Team

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April 29, 2021

For those who keep up to date with Facebook news, there has been a buzz surrounding the new Facebook Business Suite recently. Should you pay attention to this feature? You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide.

What’s Facebook Business Suite?

According to Facebook, this is a new hub for all things Facebook and Instagram. Available on desktop and mobile, the suite allows users to message, post, advertise, and even access insights. For businesses, this makes management across the two platforms more efficient. 

For small business owners, it’s a constant headache deciding where to spend time and what to prioritize. Facebook wants this tool to help those businesses make the most out of the limited time they have. This suite provides everything in one place, meaning you have more time to spend elsewhere instead of clicking between different platforms and tools. 

How to Get Started with Facebook Business Suite 

Before anything else, you’ll need to link your two social media accounts. If you haven’t done this already, open the Facebook app on a mobile device, and then switch over to the Instagram app. Tap on your profile, open the menu at the side and go into the settings (this is located at the bottom of the side menu). From here, choose Account and click the Linked Accounts button. 

For now, we are discussing connecting your Facebook account to Instagram, so this is the option to choose. 

Depending on what you’ve done in the past, you might see your name already linked or another account of yours linked. With no pre-existing linked accounts, you simply need to tap on Facebook and then log into your account. To change the account, tap the Unlink button, and then sign into the right one. For this to work correctly, you should log into the same account on the Facebook app (this makes pairing much easier). 

With the right accounts linked, you can access the Business Suite through Facebook. On a desktop device, use the following link - business.facebook.com. For all eligible businesses, this will take you right through to the Business Suite platform. 

A lot of marketing teams have accessed the Business Suite option through the Pages Manager app. However, if you don’t use that app, there’s actually a dedicated Facebook Business Suite app available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Before we go over some of the biggest features, Facebook has stated that this platform IS NOT designed for those advertising on Ads Manager. You’ll see why this is the case as we run through some of the most important features of the platform. 

Key Features of Facebook Business Suite 

What can you expect with this shiny new platform from Facebook? It’s always exciting when a big name reveals an improvement to their service, especially when the update will go a long way for businesses. 

Scheduled Publishing

Rather than logging into Facebook, creating a post, and then logging into Instagram to do the same thing, you draft new feed posts and then schedule timings for both platforms at once. For businesses with a key audience across the two, this is incredibly useful and could save valuable time. With scheduling, you can even plan all posts for a time that you’ve found most effective. 

Quick Updates

The Business Suite also allows you to see all the important information for Facebook and Instagram in one place. This includes: 

  • Messages 
  • Comments 
  • Alerts

You decide which areas need your attention the most and which tasks can wait. With all activity for Instagram and Facebook at the tip of your fingers, it should encourage effective management of your social strategy, regardless of your desired goals. 

In addition, businesses now have the option to create and save a tailored reply to common questions. This means you don’t have to type out replies to questions that you receive every day (perhaps there’s also potential to create an article or YouTube video on this topic). Now, you are able to utilize your time better as a business. 

Audience Growth

Rather than reaching your audience alone, a boosted post will spread to a larger market which could allow you to pick up some additional followers. You’ll still have control over where the post goes thanks to advanced targeting measures. 

Insights and Performance Reviews

What’s working with customers? What isn’t working? This is something we can learn quickly with the Insights tab. Instead of spending time on each platform individually, it’s now possible to see statistics and important metrics for both including engagement, reach, and more. 

Benefits of Facebook Business Suite 

Why should you care about these four key features? Why should you care about the Business Suite from Facebook at all? We have some answers! 

Centralized Control

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where we can manage both Facebook and Instagram? Not only is this now available, but we can also schedule posts, view insights, get an overview of our marketing strategy, grow our audience, boost posts based on learnings from the analytics, and see all updates. Even better, these features have been developed by the company itself. 

High Security

While there are tools that exist in this niche, the benefit of choosing this option from Facebook is that it comes from the company itself. You don’t need to allow permission and access to a third-party tool, which helps keep your own company secure from attack. When allowing permission to third-party companies, you’re opening the business up to another access point for hackers. By keeping it all on Facebook, you remove this risk and keep a more compact social profile. 

Save Time

As we all know, businesses love to save time. With a global pandemic, we walk a tightrope daily and every working hour is critical for survival. Now, we can manage Facebook and Instagram, with speed and precision. 

It gets frustrating switching between platforms and having to do some things twice. Why do this when you can manage everything in the Business Suite? We can see all messages and comments while also learning important alerts. When implemented correctly, you should spend less time on the tedious account management aspects of your strategy and more time on the valuable areas like communicating with customers and growing the brand. 

With the sleek interface, all Instagram and Facebook notifications/alerts/messages come to a common inbox. Although it might not seem it at first, the time saved from having everything in one place adds up. 

Help for SMBs 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a rough road for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). While the Business Suite can’t promise an end to the turbulent times, it can make things easier for you moving forward. 

Soon enough, businesses of all sizes will have access to the platform which has the potential to make a real difference. It also seems that WhatsApp will also integrate with this tool soon (if rumors are to be believed!). 

Ideal for Digital Sellers 

For digital sellers, this is another improvement in content management. These days, many small businesses sell online and rely on this technology for a significant percentage of sales. Not only do we sell on our websites, but we also sell through social media. With this efficIent Facebook and Instagram management tool, we can improve multiple areas of our marketing strategy. We are able to improve our content, posts, advertising, and even sales. 

It’s an interesting addition from Facebook, and we think that many businesses will latch onto it with a smile on their face. Let us know what you think of Facebook Business Suite!

Industry News
5 min read
April 29, 2021