AI Marketing Review | Albert AI vs Trapica

AI Marketing Review | Albert AI vs Trapica

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May 24, 2021

In the world of social media advertising, most people know that automation is one of the best ways to go these days. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology takes care of simple tasks while the marketing team is free to look at the bigger picture.

In recent times, this niche has grown exponentially, but it’s two of the oldest names that have the best reputation in Trapica and Albert AI. If you want to optimize your advertising efforts, you can’t go wrong with either. But what are the differences between them? Which platform matches your needs more closely?

In this guide, we’re going to uncover the two platforms and really dig deeper into the many features on offer. By the end, you should feel more confident in making a decision.

Albert AI

Head onto the Albert website and it will describe the service as ‘your self-learning digital marketing ally’, and this is a sensible description. Using artificial intelligence and other technology, Albert promises to automate various aspects of your digital marketing strategy. With technology, you’ll achieve a level of speed and efficiency not available with more traditional methods.

One of the biggest benefits of Albert is that it can process huge amounts of data quickly. Before a member of your marketing team has even sat down with their coffee, Albert can not only analyze vast amounts of data but also then put this data into action.

Autonomous System - Albert AI is very much in the autonomous marketing niche, and this means using intelligent machines to perform simple marketing tasks. Albert AI utilizes advanced technology to learn about your campaigns before then offering insights based on this data. What’s more, it will ask for permission to implement these learnings and even ask for help when required.

Plan, Build, Optimize, Report - Over the years, Albert has expanded its solutions and it now covers four main areas of the advertising process. As well as the planning phase, Albert has services for the building, optimizing, and reporting stages.

During planning, Albert assists with ad variations and keyword groups. Meanwhile, it has tools to help with the ad creation stage while optimizing audiences, targeting, scheduling, bidding, and budgeting. Finally, the reporting stage includes features for insights, provider reporting, and more.

Cross-Channel Support - While some platforms just work on Facebook, Albert supports Instagram, Bing, and YouTube too. With this, you’re continually optimizing ad campaigns and reporting across all four platforms.


A/B Testing - In the world of marketing, trainees need to learn quickly that the environment is always changing. What works one month might struggle to get a single click the next. Thankfully, we can test different creatives and other ad features with A/B testing. As you keep the positives and lose the negatives, your campaigns will improve constantly.

Analytics - Lastly, Albert is always looking at the best ways of boosting your ad strategy. As well as A/B testing, the platform keeps the following in mind:

  • Site analytics
  • Budget allocation
  • Real-time attribution
  • Keyword analysis
  • Historical data
  • Touch point efficacy
  • Consumer behavior patterns

All in all, Albert AI is an advanced advertising service and one that helps all businesses to improve efficiency in the advertising department. With AI and machine learning processing data and generating insights, for example, you save time and resources while becoming more efficient as a business.

This looks like a strong solution, so how does Trapica compare?


Year after year, the Trapica family of products continues to expand. As customers, this means that we access more and more fantastic services. As an example, it has already created a way to overcome the latest iOS 14 update. While the world is struggling for data, Trapica generates insights into location, age, and gender with the Facebook Ads iOS 14 Insights Tool.

Compared to Albert, Trapica has a more extensive list of services, and this is one of the reasons why it tends to be more popular among marketers and businesses. For example, this includes the following:

  • One Marketing Suite
  • Audience Discovery and Marketing Intelligence
  • Ad Automation and Optimization
  • Ad Account Protect
  • Bilbi for Small Businesses

Even after this, Trapica has free resources including Trapica Suggest and Performance Monitoring. While Suggest helps you to find keywords within your niche, Performance Monitoring gleans insights from Facebook while analyzing user behavior, campaign conversions, and more.

Extensive Integration - Though Albert might integrate with four social media platforms, Trapica works with more. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Quora, and LinkedIn.

Essentially, this means that you enjoy ad automation and cross-channel optimization across every single one of these platforms.

Ad Automation - With ad automation, you no longer need to manually spend hour upon hour staring at metrics and trying to work out what you should do next with campaigns.

Trapica uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually improve your ad campaigns across all of the platforms mentioned previously. With this, you simplify your advertising efforts while boosting the ROAS (return on ad spend). With less manual handling required, your team has more time to do the jobs for which they were originally hired.

Trapica automates and optimizes A/B testing, budgeting, bidding, targeting, audience discovery, creatives, and more. Using real-time conversions, the platform builds profiles for customers and ensures that your ad campaigns are always reaching out to the right people.

iOS 14 Capabilities - You might have noticed that iOS 14 has changed things significantly when it comes to Facebook advertising. Something that Trapica has over Albert is the ability to deal with this latest Apple adjustment. With the FB Ads iOS 14 Insights Tool, you don’t need to worry about losing gender, location, age, and placement data. Why? Because Trapica increases your visibility in all of these areas.

While most advertisers are clamoring just to keep hold of basic data, you’ll thrive with Trapica by your side. As we’ve already seen, Trapica also automates and optimizes which makes the whole platform even more valuable. While others are struggling, you’ll have access to the most important data and optimized campaigns without actually having to do too much yourself.

Execution Platform - One of the biggest differences between Albert and Trapica has always been the intent of the platforms. While Albert is like an agency, Trapica is all about the execution. It’s always looking at the data and for opportunities to position your ad to an even more productive audience (in other words, one that converts!).

Whether 8am, 2pm, or 2am, you can be sure that Trapica is keeping an eye on your ad campaigns. If there’s a better opportunity with targeting, you can be sure that Trapica is already working on seizing it. When controlling campaigns manually, you don’t have this same guarantee.

Low Cost and Integration - Another benefit of choosing Trapica is that it doesn’t require as much of your budget as Albert. If you choose Albert, we mentioned that the service is like an agency and this is because it requires around 20% of your marketing budget. On the other hand, Trapica doesn’t normally need any more than 4% to be effective.

What’s more, Trapica doesn’t require an extensive integration time. Once you’ve chosen to go ahead, the system will link up with your ad campaigns and get to work immediately. It might seem as though Trapica and Albert are the same on the surface, but they use very different methods of operation, and this is clear with the results that clients enjoy.

Opportunities to Scale - Finally, you also have scaling opportunities with Trapica since the end result is always the same. Whether you’re a startup or a multi-national corporation, Trapica processes data and continually works towards optimizing targeting, budgeting, bidding, and A/B testing (even after the iOS 14 update!).

Which is Better?

This is a big question, and there’s no denying the capabilities of Albert. However, it’s clear that Trapica is above and beyond for businesses and marketing agencies. The addition of the iOS 14 feature alone shows the company’s willingness to provide all businesses with the right tools to not only survive but thrive too.

Trapica is constantly introducing new tools and services, and the friendly team is always around to help those who need it. If you have growth on the mind after the global pandemic, Trapica is better for your budget and better for increasing ROAS and ROI.

Case Studies
4 min read
May 24, 2021