EdTech Industry: Marketing Analysis and Insights

EdTech Industry: Marketing Analysis and Insights

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Industry News
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May 3, 2021

Industry Overview

Ed tech is homing in on equity. Technology is often regarded as being harmful for students, but progressive schools are finding ways to incorporate it in a helpful way to enhance the learning environment. From augmented and virtual reality to makerspaces (what’s that?), kids are becoming more engaged and willing to learn.

Industry Marketing Trends

What trends are cropping up in ed tech?

Makerspaces Promote Inclusivity

Makerspaces are environments where students can gather and collaborate. While they are usually reserved for STEM subjects, they don’t have to be; for example, the app Book Creator allows students the opportunity to write digital books. According to many, makerspaces may even have the benefit of enhancing literacy skills. The implementation of this form of technology gives teachers the ability to reach special needs students.

Esports Bring Kids Together

Schools are increasingly adopting esports into their educational offerings, which provide programs that help student engagement. It gives students the opportunity to play with their peers regardless of physical ability, something for which regular sports cannot always accommodate.

AR/VR Enter the Classroom

One of the most salient benefits of augmented and virtual reality are that they enhance focus. By zeroing in on a new environment without distraction, students make strides in their social and emotional skills. Children with sensory and attention disorders as well as those with autism can enjoy a space without the bombardment of the real world. Children step outside of the classroom into any variety of places—they may even witness a gladiator in the Roman Colosseum.

Top 10 Segments

The top targeting segments across categories can inform audience personas through insight discovery in interests, intents and behaviors. What are we finding in the ed tech industry?

Music topped all other segments in hobbies and activities with a 100% match. The rest of the results showed that food, arts and music combined, shopping, family, rock music, comedy movies, design, video games and reality TV shows performed best in their categories.

Ed tech consumers could be educators, school officials, companies or others interested in this category. Below are the segments that represent this audience:

Age/Gender Distribution

What can we learn about the age and gender distribution of ed tech consumers? Demographically, about 25% are aged 25-34 and about 20% are 55-64 years old. Importantly, the beverage consumer skews female with 62.3% women.

Marketers should keep in mind that women make up the majority of the teaching profession. It may also be helpful to conduct research to form your own opinion on whether older teachers are less likely to adopt new technology. After all, knowing your audience is the most effective way to target them.

The Top Persona & Audience Discovery

The top persona in this industry is the music lover. Audience discovery reveals what people in the ed tech industry care most about. From targeting insights, we’ve gathered that they are interested in reading, hobbies and activities, technology, business and industry, arts and music, motivation, family and relationships, and students.

These consumers value knowledge, teaching and the power of technology to improve the growth and development of students. They want to adopt resources that help the kids they teach, so marketers have to show them how ed tech tools are able to do just that.

Trapica Market

You may be wondering where all of these data insights are coming from: the answer is Trapica’s benchmark reports. Trapica is a B2B company that uses artificial intelligence to provide marketing solutions for companies seeking to optimize their campaigns. It works with businesses across a variety of verticals such as e-commerce beauty and apparel brands, education, content publishers and more. The platform offers tools including competitor ad library, automation, insights and benchmark reports like this one.

Data Gathering & Analysis

The data in the benchmark report tool is sourced from Facebook and organized by Trapica. It takes a niche industry and displays data visualizations to help businesses understand their audiences. With this product you can go through a quick overview, audience discovery, geographic and demographic reports. Following these four main categories the tool will unpack segments in the entertainment, hobbies and activities, food and drink categories and miscellaneous items at the bottom.

Industry Benchmark Report

If you are looking for key insights into your audience, Trapica’s new tool can help you with segmentation and other marketing tactics. Click here to access Quollo's Ed Tech Industry Benchmark Market Research Report, and don’t forget to check back for more articles on other industry reports in the future!

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Industry News
5 min read
May 3, 2021