Trapica Marketing Suite: AI Powered Digital Advertising Platform For Marketers

Trapica Marketing Suite: AI Powered Digital Advertising Platform For Marketers

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Product Updates
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May 3, 2021

At Trapica, we’re proud of the services we provide to businesses and marketers in need. Artificial intelligence can help you understand your customers, automate your ads, and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Let’s explore a few of our tools and the different ways you can move forward with Trapica.

Trapica AI

Great creatives are only the first step in a successful ad campaign. Without targeting the right audience, your ads will see low conversion rates.

Using artificial intelligence, our software analyzes real-time conversion events and uses that data to inform updates to ad campaigns. Our AI is compatible with both prospecting and retargeting campaigns and makes automatic adjustments to the following areas:

  • Targeting
  • Creatives
  • Bidding
  • Budget Scale

Beyond autonomously updating ad campaigns, the AI also interprets the data to provide our users with audience insights. These insights help users understand who is converting on their ad campaigns and can inform overall strategy regarding the copy and creatives for future ad campaigns.

Ad Targeting

Social media is dynamic. It’s constantly changing, and so are your ad campaigns. Facebook alone has over 40,000 targeting segments which can make a marketer’s job incredibly difficult. It is virtually impossible to select accurate and cost-effective keywords for any given moment.

Accurate targeting is at our core. Our AI constantly analyzes the audience who converts on individual campaigns and uses that data to guide targeting updates 24/7. This can include updates to the age, gender, geographic location, intent, interests, and behaviors of the target audience.

Autonomous Ad Improvements

Creative A/B testing, scaling, and bidding are also managed by our platform.

In each moment, our AI A/B tests our users' creatives and turns off any ads that are underperforming. When performance improves, the ads will be reactivated and used to reach the target audience. This feature helps marketers understand which creatives work and which can be improved, ultimately preventing wasted spend on unsuccessful ads.

When should you start scaling ads? This is a difficult question, and it’s all too easy to miss the opportunity. Often, marketers will scale spend and see cost increases in return. To prevent these cost increases, Trapica enables users to set scaling parameters and only scale when they are met. Essentially, users determine that when their CPA is at or below $X, our AI can scale the budget up to $Y.

Fortunately, all aspects of social and search ad campaigns are covered. As well as scaling and creatives, our artificial intelligence will also oversee bidding, optimizing the overall budget and spending strategy.

Market Research

We've recently expanded our market research offering because, now more than ever, marketers need to understand their customers in order to offer relevant content, ads, and products.

Wasted ad spend is a huge problem. Back in 2018, Rakuten Marketing found that 26% of marketers’ budgets go towards the wrong channels and strategies. What’s the difference between those who fall through the cracks in the targeting funnel and those who actually spend their money? Once you understand this through market research, you can convert more prospective customers into paying customers.

Rakuten Marketing found that 26% of marketers’ budgets go towards the wrong channels and strategies.

The Market Research tool uses audience discovery AI to analyze audience lists and provide segments, keywords, and demographic stats that represent the audience, allowing marketers to truly understand the people who are interacting with their brand.

These insights can inform ad targeting, creatives, and copy, and ultimately shape a marketing strategy to the most relevant users.

A Cross-Platform Solution

The Trapica AI is compatible with all of the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Spotify

Reporting and Insights

Gathering data is pointless if it isn’t put to good use.

Every Trapica user gains access to a dashboard that shows performance metrics, stats, and other information related to their campaigns. Users can analyze information regarding user behavior, campaign conversions, conversion rates, and more.

The dashboard also allows users to activate autonomous scale, predictive targeting, and regional budget limitations.

Customer Support

All Trapica users start our with a free trial period to explore our product and make sure it is a fit for their marketing team.

Before the trial starts, users connect with someone from our Client Success team to learn more about the product, how to use the dashboard, and other tips and tricks for success.

After the trial and beyond, customer support is one message away. Our teams based in Philadelphia, New York City, and Tel Aviv are always there to answer questions and guide users throughout their experience with Trapica.

Free Additional Resources

Not sure your team is ready for an automated AI solution? Start smaller with Trapica Suggest or Trapica Insights.

These free tools will get you started with monitoring your campaigns and understanding keyword targeting.

Designed with marketers in mind, Trapica Insights tracks and analyzes campaign performance over time and shares these metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard. Trapica Suggest allows users to search for a targeting segment or keyword and discover keywords that have an overlapping audience.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a call with someone from our team.

Product Updates
4 min read
May 3, 2021