Reddit Marketing for Marketers

Reddit Marketing for Marketers

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May 3, 2021

Every year, we see businesses stagnate with their digital marketing strategy. They think that everything has to be about Facebook and are disappointed when the results don’t come or when they come at a higher price than expected. We’ve learned that the best digital marketing strategies encompass a wide range of platforms and techniques. Today, we’ll be discussing Reddit.

Why Choose Reddit?

More businesses and marketers are choosing to integrate Reddit into their marketing mix. Here are some statistics that demonstrate how it’s picking up speed:

  • Over 300 million people visit Reddit each month
  • Reddit is the 6th and 20th most-visited website in the US and world respectively
  • The average user stays for nearly 11 minutes and 30 seconds per day

Reddit is perhaps the best platform for targeting a niche, and there are over 150,000 unique communities. While some are drawn to video games, others discuss gardening, food and beaches. You’ll find something for everyone on Reddit. For businesses, this is a great place to find people interested in your type of product or service. Rather than targeting a wide group on Facebook, you can reach out to high-quality leads who you know have an interest in your industry.

Each subreddit has moderators which means that spam is rare. Users take Reddit and their chosen hobbies seriously, so spam doesn’t bode well. This provides an opportunity to come across as a genuine market leader and resonate with your audience. The benefit of no spam is that you have an incredibly engaged and active user base.

Reddit is geared towards genuine interactions and high-quality content. If you want to get to the homepage and generate engagement within your chosen subreddit, put out valuable content. Some content creators feel neglected by Google when it prioritizes links, keywords and SEO rules. The great part about Reddit is that you will be rewarded for producing your best content.

How Does Reddit Work?

As mentioned, there are over 150,000 subreddits. Essentially, Reddit offers communities for supporters of different topics or hobbies. For example, the subreddit r/Memes was launched in 2008 and has 11.5 million followers. Just like on Facebook, these followers will see posts from this subreddit in their feed alongside posts from any other subreddits they join.

Depending on how you use Reddit, you can scroll through your feed of followed subreddits or browse an individual one. From here, you can adjust your feed so you see the newest posts, hot posts and the top posts over a certain period of time.

As a business, you will join the communities pertinent to your brand. Every time you post, the people familiar with the community will either upvote or downvote your content. This is the reason that all the best content rises to the top— the people vote. While some users treat Reddit like a news feed and browse through their favored topics, others will vote on posts and engage in conversations and discussions in the comments section.

The Golden Rules of Reddit

Below, we’ve listed some of the golden rules you need to know before joining the platform. From there, we’ll give some advice for boosting your brand presence and integrating Reddit into your overall strategy.

Be Willing to Give

Reddit is more than an element in your marketing strategy. It is a platform that requires you to GIVE more than you take. If you aren’t giving back to the community, how can you expect anybody to pay attention to your content?

Become a Member

On a similar note, people are always wary when new accounts post and try to sell their products immediately. If you want to advertise, the first step is to become a member of the community and contribute.

Post Original Content

If you’re on Facebook, you might be tempted to repurpose old content from this platform for Reddit. In our opinion, you should be producing content solely for your Reddit audience to enjoy. This isn’t to say you can’t offer an article to Facebook and share on Reddit, but you also need to provide your Reddit audience with some original content too. The more original content you post, the easier it is to become a valuable member of the community.

Don’t Cheat

Believe us when we say that Reddit users have seen it all over the years. They’ve seen businesses use their employees to upvote posts, fake accounts and undisclosed paid sponsors. If you want to enjoy success on Reddit, we advise you to do it fairly and honestly.

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

Boosting Your Brand Presence on Reddit

Reddit has tremendous value, and now we want to help those who have realized this to get started. As well as the four golden rules of Reddit, how else can you grow your presence?

Take Advantage of General Subreddit Categories

Almost like hashtags, some subreddit categories appeal to the masses. By utilizing these, you might be able to draw some new people to your own subreddit and profile. For example, we like the r/todayilearned subreddit. Here, people will post interesting tidbits that they learned on that day. If you have something interesting about your niche, post it in this subreddit and attract a new audience.

Be Patient

With Reddit, we have a platform that isn’t going to generate results overnight. Instead, you’re going to need to graft. Contribute to debate, post original content, engage in discussions and show your knowledge. If you don’t do the groundwork, selling is going to be much harder. As you create value, you’ll be rewarded with karma. The higher your karma, the more visible your posts. In fact, some recommend getting karma to at least 1,000 points before even posting.

Use the Share Button

Just as we do with all social media, hit that share button so that posts are sent to followers, friends and users on other platforms. By doing this, you might find a Facebook user who has Reddit but had no idea of your profile.

Offer Consistency

If you’re going to build a credible and authoritative profile, consistency is key. Don’t just post a couple of times and then go missing for three months; offer value consistently through comments and your own posts. Often, businesses ask us how they can engage on Reddit, but it’s actually simple: comment when people ask questions and you know the answer, offer detailed and insightful answers, and participate in discussions. Let others lead the way and respond to them respectfully to demonstrate your knowledge.

Do an AMA Session

Short for ‘Ask Me Anything’, an AMA session is useful once people have started to recognize your value. As an expert on a specific topic, users will attend your AMA and you can show your worth even more. As you engage, you become an authoritative source in your niche and build trust. If you demonstrate your value by contributing to the community, members won’t mind the occasional advertising post.

Use Ads

Reddit as a whole is underrated, but the advertising platform is also undervalued for marketing purposes. Depending on your strategy, you can place ads for the whole platform or for specific subreddits. While text ads direct users to posts on Reddit, link ads take people to your website.

Ask Questions

We’ve focused on answering questions, but Reddit is an effective platform for learning the needs of your audience too. Reddit users love giving their opinions, so take advantage of this by asking questions. This can help shape your Reddit content, blog posts and even future products.

By following our advice, you will build a positive reputation on Reddit and reach your specific niche. With the right pull strategy, you will gain both credibility and conversions in no time!

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Marketing Guides
6 min read
May 3, 2021