Remarketing Facebook Campaigns Guide

Remarketing Facebook Campaigns Guide

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April 29, 2021

When it comes to selling on Facebook, everybody has their own way of doing things. Especially for marketers, they have tips and tricks that they believe will allow clients to outperform all competitors. Over the years, plenty of different secret strategies have escaped the clutches of professionals and made it onto the internet. More recently, one strategy has captured the interest of people throughout the niche - the ALL Framework methodology. 

What’s the ALL Framework Methodology?

Ultimately, the goal of the ALL Framework methodology is to make paying customers out of people who were previously absolute strangers to the product and the brand. For customers to move smoothly through the funnel, they need to see the right ads at the right time, and this is central to the ALL Framework approach. 

In this guide, we’re talking about remarketing campaigns and how to structure them. Why? Well, this forms an essential part of the framework. The three stages are as follows: 

  • Exposure/Awareness - In this first stage, the goal is to build exposure and awareness through high-quality video content. For this to work, the content needs to provide real value while generating not only exposure but also credibility for the brand. 
  • Level 1 Remarketing - Here, we’re looking to get more people onto the website by offering products/services to all video viewers. 
  • Level 2 Remarketing - Finally, we need to approach those with the biggest intent to buy through website remarketing. By prioritizing, it’s hoped that a high percentage of the group will convert. 

With the ALL Framework strategy, the idea is that consumers will continually pass through the funnel. Therefore, every week, we’re receiving new customers into the Level 2 Remarketing phase. As they engage with the brand, we can encourage them through the funnel to turn them into customers. 

When it comes to the many different Facebook strategies, the reason this one is gaining so much attention is due to the consistent results it delivers. Rather than converting one customer at a time and having to start all over again with the next, a successful funnel will always have people at every stage just waiting to move to the next. 

Stage 1 - Exposure/Awareness 

If we take the funnel step by step, the first thing you need to do is generate awareness using video content on Facebook. Fortunately, this is something that most marketers will have done already. 

Before we address anything else, you might be wondering why video is the best option for Facebook. If so, one of the biggest reasons for choosing video is the engagement it generates. To consume video content, the individual needs to both watch and listen. These activities require more of their attention, prompting the viewer to be more likely to engage and act. Furthermore, video is also a great way to attract the eye of the audience as they scroll through their news feeds. Research and studies point to the fact that video gets more engagement and attention than all other content types. 

There’s one more important reason why we use video marketing for exposure and awareness. The next two stages are all about remarketing, and video content provides the ideal platform to build custom audiences using the Facebook advertising system. By the time you remarket in the later stages, they should recognize your brand because of the video. With recognition, this improves relevance scores and other metrics. 

What type of content should you produce at this stage? We know this is a question many businesses will have, and we urge you to focus on the fact that it needs to provide value. If you’re to gain authority and credibility, a good place to start is with educational content. If not, you could potentially gain value differently by entertaining. Finally, you might consider a simple video explaining your history and story. Why are you in the market? What’s your mission? Why should prospective customers choose you? 

Top Tip - To engage, some marketers choose to ask a question with their videos. This way, you encourage viewers to comment and leave their opinions. 

Stage 2 - Level 1 Remarketing 

We’ve built the initial audience, now it’s time to focus on people who have already engaged with the brand and have the potential to move through the sales funnel. For the first time, we’re dealing with ‘warm’ audiences as opposed to a ‘cold’ audience. You know that there’s a level of interest, no matter how small, and a chance they will take this interest further. 

How do you encourage this warm audience to take further action? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Free Consultation - Often, one of the hardest steps as a business is getting people on the phone or in-store. Therefore, it’s a great idea to offer a free consultation. To prevent wasting time with the wrong leads, make sure people meet strict criteria before they request a consultation. In the consultation itself, remember to provide value first and then advertise your service after. Talk to them about their biggest pain points and then about how you can help. 
  • Discount - Let’s be honest, everybody has seen at least one company offer discounts through ads on Facebook. It’s a common ploy and one that you can implement yourself. Although simple, who doesn’t want to save a little money? Discounts are particularly useful for online, e-commerce, local, membership, experience, and subscription businesses. Additionally, remember that free shipping is a valuable form of discount. 

How do you target during this stage? The most common method is to use page engagement as an emphasis for a custom audience. Alternatively, target those who have viewed or engaged with a particular video (from the first stage!). 

Just like the first video, content needs to add value and explain why your service is the best solution to their pain points. Sometimes, companies offer a free trial of their service. Either way, we want consumers to get one step further. Rather than watching the video, we’d like them to click through. 

Stage 3 - Level 2 Remarketing 

At the final stage, there are three goals; convert, convert, convert. Okay, converting is the only goal. After gently encouraging consumers through the first two stages of the funnel, it’s now time to go for the sale and transform this once-stranger into a customer. Thankfully, this is made easier by the fact that the individuals are ‘hot’ and not just ‘warm’. 

With conversion tracking and the Facebook pixel installed, businesses of all sizes can benefit from Level 2 Remarketing. But how do you target people who are so close to converting that it makes the heart pump that little bit faster? 

  • Testimonials - Consumers relate to consumers, so it’s not surprising that testimonials are one of the most effective strategies for Level 2 Remarketing. As well as relying on social proof, you’re building confidence and trust within the target market. An especially clever technique at this stage is to use testimonials as part of a cart abandonment remarketing campaign. Essentially, you’re saying, ‘lots of other people followed through with their purchase and look how happy they are’. 
  • Reminders – In most cases, consumers aren’t actively deciding not to purchase from a brand. It could be that they got distracted while shopping or were forced to pay more attention to dinner than their tablet. Therefore, a gentle reminder is all that’s required for conversion. 
  • Messenger - Another growing technique in recent times has been the use of Messenger. Rather than sending people through to a website, we send them to a Messenger conversation where they ask any questions on their mind. We recommend this for particularly intricate services. If you’re selling high-end products, allow consumers to ask questions and get any concerns they have off their chest. After a simple conversation, they’ll be happier to proceed with the purchase. 

Who should you target in this stage? You want to reach out to hot audiences, and this starts with anybody who has visited your website. After this, consider people who have taken a specific event action or who have visited a specific web page. 

Today, people are always connected, and they’re always scrolling through social media. This has both benefits and drawbacks. It means we can lose the attention of prospective customers, but it also means that an opportunity to win them back is just around the corner. Don’t feel as though you’re pestering people with remarketing campaigns because you’re actually just trying to win their attention back for long enough to convert; your competitors are doing exactly the same. 

ALL Framework Strategy 

Implement the ALL Framework methodology today if you want consumers constantly passing through your sales funnel. As soon as one group converts, your campaigns reach out to the next people who have progressed through the funnel. Video content is incredibly useful for awareness and exposure, but we can also use it to meet the needs of the target market throughout all three stages.

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Marketing Guides
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April 29, 2021